10x faster, 5x cheaper, low code automations to scale your small business.

Bringing the no-code and AI revolution to your door step to help you scale.

Why you should choose  Codenay ?

10x faster design and development

10x Faster

We move 10x faster than traditional development using no-code and low-code technologies. With a single point of contact (SPOC) who understands your business, refines your requirements, designs the solution, and maps the right technologies, we eliminate the need for multiple roles and coordination. This streamlined approach allows us to deliver efficient and effective results, cutting development time significantly.

10x faster development achieved with no-code and low-code technologies.
Eliminates multiple roles - Sales, Business Analyst, Architect, UI Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, DB Developer, QA Team, Project Manager

5x Cheaper

In a traditional setup, multiple roles are involved: a Salesperson for commercials, a Business Analyst to understand requirements, an Architect to propose designs, a UI Designer, Frontend and Backend Developers, a DB Developer, a QA team, and a Project Manager to oversee everything. This complexity leads to high costs. With a single SPOC handling all these tasks using no-code and low-code technologies, we drastically reduce costs and streamline the process for you.

Cost Reduction through single SPOC using no-code and low-code technologies streamlines the process and significantly lowers costs.
5x cheaper costs for you
Increase Bottomline, multiply profits.

Bottomline and Profitability

At Codenay, we eliminate the disconnect between tech efforts and business outcomes. Our experts understand your business, gather and refine requirements, and handle end-to-end design and development. This ensures technology aligns seamlessly with your goals, boosting your bottom line and profitability.

Experts who deeply understand your business needs are
Comprehensive requirement gathering and refinement
Work closely with you to refine and perfect your vision.
Seamless end-to-end design and development
Direct alignment of technology with your business goals
Enhanced bottom line and profitability through integrated solutions

See what our customers had to say about us

“Codenay built a unified CRM, accounting, and operations platform for our business, and it works brilliantly. It increased our efficiency and reduced manual costs. The execution was fast and smooth as promised. They used Bubble.io, SendGrid, and Webflow for our setup."
“Codenay streamlined leads from our Search and Meta Ads into a custom CRM built for us. They automated notifications via WhatsApp, email, and SMS. They also set up logins for our staff to track leads and take actions. The entire flow is highly customized for our use case."
“With Codenay's help, we provided a mobile app to our customers and automated our repair and spare part replacement orders. This increased trust and delivery efficiency. They used Flutter Flow, Sendgrid, Whatsapp and Razorpay for the setup.”

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need some examples of automation ?

The services we offer would specifically be designed to meet your needs.

In this age of numerous tools—CRMs, accounting software, project management tools—organizations often suffer from the problem of plenty. This leads to poorly integrated and costly technology setups. Codenay is your single-stop solution to build tightly knit automation for your business.

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Digitalise Operations

Move out from Sheets and Excels to Custom Operation logins setup for your team. Update and track everything online.

Automate Notifications

Automate Notifications to your customers through Whatsapp, SMS and Email. Build custom interfaces to bring them all to one place.

Marketing Automation

Link your Google Ads, Meta Ads Leads to your CRM. Or setup a custom CRM through low code tech super fast.

Automate Invoicing and Payments

Collect payments online, and offline. Generate Receipts and Invoice and notify them automatically.

Mobile Apps for your customers

Provide Android and iOS Apps for your end users. Automate Orders and provide updates on app.

Reporting and Analytics

Pull data from multiple sources and generate custom reporting and Dashboarding.